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 Post subject: The Emerald Economy
PostPosted: Thu 25 Dec, 2014 - 12:56 am 
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So via the shoutbox Deaf and I have been working on an Economy for the server until we get plugins back (Maybe even after that though I doubt it). Anyway after some debate it's been decided that we'll used Emeralds as they're not that easily farmable and promotes trade with NPCs as well. Anyway I was given the reigns of making up the price ranges of everything and here it is.

Prices per Stack:

Common Build Materials (Logs, Planks, Uncooked Stone,, Sand, Snow and Gravel) will range from 1-5 Emeralds.

Uncommon Build Materials (Bricks, Clay, Red Sand, Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, Soulsand, Cooked Stone Variants and Netherrack) will range from 2-8 Emeralds.

Rare Build Materials (Quartz, Mycellium, Endstone, Glowstone, Nether Brick and Packed Ice) will range from 5-15 Emeralds.

Legendary Build Materials (Obsidian, Prismarine)
Prices for per unit:

Common Raw Materials [Stack] (Sticks, Flint, Leather, Sugarcane, Coal) 1-5

Uncommon Raw Materials [16] (Gold Ingots, Mob Drops, Prismarine) 5-10

Rare Raw Materials [16] (Iron Ingots, Slime, Unique Nether Drops, Enderpearls, Lapis) 10-15

Legendary Raw Materials [1] (Diamonds, Nether Stars, Fire Charges) 15-30


Tools, Weapons and Armor: Cost of components
Bows: 1-3
Arrows: [16] 5-10


Common Food (Wheat, Seeds and Bread) 1-5

Uncommon Food (Meats, Potatoes, Apples, Stews and Carrots) 3-7

Rare Food (Fish, Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, Cake) 5-10

Legendary Food (Golden Apple, Notch Apple) 20-30



Cost of item plus level of enchantment plus 20.

So Effeciency 5 on a diamond pick would be really expensive and you should do it on your own as enchanting was nerfed really hard in the 1.8 update and now it's really cheap on xp.



Prices per potion plus costs of ingredients

Level 1 (Just made, no glowstone, redstone or gunpowder) 3-5

Level 2 (Splash OR Extended, Drink Or Powered, Drink) 4-7

Level 3 (Splash Extended OR Splash Powered) 6-9



Saplings [16] 1-4

Mob Heads (Including Steve's) [1] 30-40

Banner and Armor Stand [1] 5-10

Painting [1] 1-3

Dyes [16] 3-5

Saddles [1] 20-30

Horse Armor (Iron/Gold/Diamond) 10-15/17-24/28-32

Spawn Eggs (Neutral only, not villager) 20-30

Spawn Eggs (Villager) 30-40 *Note this is due to villagers paying emeralds in trades, think of it like Roulette*


Will not sell:

Bedrock, Command blocks, End portals, TNT, Lava, Bottle o' Enchanting, Fireworks, Hostile Mob Spawn Eggs and Builds/Build expertise.



You are not able to buy/contract out Sops+ to do work for you in creative. You are able to however contract to other regular players and make deals with them.

Emerald blocks function as "Dollar Bills" and buy/sell for 9 emeralds. Iron, Gold and Diamond are the same.

The Travelling Sop+ Merchant will be around Saturdays ONLY. This can be any Sop+ but do not assume that one of the Team is a Merchant just because he/she is on at that time. The Merchant will announce that they are a Merchant and when they cease being a Merchant along with the coordinates of either their "Shop" or their stops of where they will be selling (It could be your doorstep).

Each price set here is a guideline and can/will be changed to suit the vendor's whims as well as the demand of each item.

Each vendor will have a LIMITED amount of each item, even if they're a Sop+ with creative mode, and will have a LIMITED amount of Emeralds as change. This is to prevent large dumps of excess items in exchange for hundreds of blocks of Emeralds.

Items can be sold to the vendors for Emeralds though the vendor can refuse to purchase your items from you at will. The Merchants can also refuse your items though that'll be more because they're out of Emeralds rather than they don't want them. Items sell for half their purchase price.

All deals are final. Bargaining, Haggling and Negotiating is encouraged. If the vendor or Merchant suddenly closes down, there are no ifs ands or buts. Closed means closed. These prices and rules regarding the vendors and Merchants are subject to change.


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