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 Post subject: New Hardmode Survival
PostPosted: Sun 17 Aug, 2014 - 9:31 pm 
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As people have surely heard, we've introduced three new maps based on Hardmode Survival, with the new spawn point created by the competition winner, Richard!

This is not the type of Hardmode or Hardcore where you get banned from the server upon death. This is a down to roots Minecraft map, which all three (normal, nether, end) are linked together, separate from other maps. Separate inventories, separate money, separate ranks, everything.

You can get to the map through several methods. I spent most of today creating a functional Portal Room under the fountain in Spawn, the entrances are nearby the fountain. The map is the Purple portal, just walk through the ring. You can also use /mvtp hardmode to get there too. You will have you use /spawn or /mvtp [mapname] in order to get back to the other maps though.

The ideals behind this was to remove all sorts of commands and abilities which are gained upon ranking up from users, and giving them the ability to start again. From there, they can work together, or apart, creating their own builds from absolutely nothing. No flying, no teleporting, no setting home, or using /back, and Ops+ can't use Creative or WorldEdit either. Everything is back to basics.

That part where I said ranks are separate is a bit of a lie. Ranks do still exist, and you don't loose that, but there are no coloured names any more, everyone is white. The map is prefixed with a +, and nicknames or Town names may still exist around names, but that's it. You won't be able to use towny commands in the map either, so members of the town could indeed create their own minitown, and go from there.

Agents and higher will still have commands to vanish, and teleport directly to people, just in case of incidence. They are advised against using it unless necessary. Prism, Lockette, Chestshop, and a few other plugins can still be used within the maps, so you can lock up your chest, and create your own marketplace to compete against others. There will be no Admin shops, so you'll need to keep atop your own stock, and change your own prices according to supply and demand.

Regular rules and notices still apply, and are posted onto boards at the spawn point. The spawn point is also protected against grief, but the immediate surrounding is open to be modified, so you can directly connect footpaths or buildings to the surrounding spawn area, making it more homely and less of 'just a landing point'.

We hope you get some good use out of this, and please feel free to invite your friends.

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