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PostPosted: Wed 09 Apr, 2014 - 9:02 pm 
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So I've explained this partially to a couple people and fully to Pk on the server and I think it's time to publicly explain it all. Welcome to "How Stan handles the server Economy!". I'm fairly certain a bunch of you have been wondering "Why does Stan charge so much more than the other Ops?" and "Why do certain things cost what they do?". Well I'm going to explain all that as best I can.

For starters almost every action and item has a base price. This is dependant on how difficult/rare it is to do or find the action or item. For example diamonds are rarer than iron so they cost more. Pretty basic. Well the same is with every item. Some items are more rare and cost more than others. The same is with the different actions such as world editing. It costs more to world edit in survival than it does to world edit in creative. Why? Because in creative you have access to every block in the game in an infinite supply. In survival you do not.

Now every action and item has a bottom line. This bottom line must be met when charging certain things. For example if the bottom line on moving a build in survival is 10k the Op moving it can choose to charge anything for it however there are consequences. If that Op chooses to charge less than the bottom line he or she would eat the difference themselves from their balance. So if they charge 5k for a 10k move then they must take the difference out of their cash. This rarely happens if ever and will definitely not happen if you ask for it, so don't ask for it. If the Op chooses to raise the cost by adding on a tax of sorts then they can make a profit. This is what I do (Sorta).

I add to a price a "Stan Tax" which in effect is my way of being lazy and varies from build to build however it generally raises the more the actual cost is. The actual cost is the price prior to Stan Tax and the Charge cost is the price after Stan Tax.

The Actual cost to Stan Tax ratio is...

Actual Cost / Stan Tax
0-<500 / Rounded to the nearest 100
>500 - <=1000 / Rounded to 1000
>1000 - <=5000 / Rounded to nearest 1000
>5000 - <=10k / Rounded to 10k
10+ / Add a third of the Actual Cost

So the calculations for this in an example of a build that has a single cost of 3750 copied 3 times in survival would be...

(3750 + Stan Tax)3 x 2

The cost of the build is 3750, rounded to the nearest thousand for Stan tax so our total now is 4000. The build is to be copied three times so it's 4000x3 which is 12000. And double that since it's in survival for a total cost of 24000.

This is the cost of Stan tax for actions. As for Stan Tax on items I'd take the original price and increase it as I see fit. So while Stone goes for 2$ per block. I'd charge 3-5$ per block. Mainly this is to promote trade and purchases between non-Op players but also I do like a profit.

So that's the gist of my role in the economy and how my charges work. Just remember: "The rich play the money game to win, the poor play the money game not to lose".


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